OYTES is New Revolutionary Video Technology That Creates Profitable YouTube Marketing Campaigns In Seconds

The Only Targeting Software Of Its Kind That Has The Power To Instantly Increase Your YouTube Advertising ROI by 100% Through More Precise Market Segmentation

In SECONDS, Easily Find The Best Targeting terms that previously were unavailable over YouTube so You Can Use Them For Your Ad Campaigns, Boosting Posts and Running Buyers To Your Websites.



Google will ONLY allow you to find search terms when tageting over google. With OYTES , Finally you can target ONLY videos you know have hot passionate buyers.



With just the click of a button you can find the most sought after videos to advertise on and the most popular channels in your niche. You can then narrow your search down finding only the hottest audience selecting the videos with the right amounts of views, likes, dislikes and even the video. Then save your audience.

Import Your Targeting With One Click

Import Your Targeting With One Click

Take your search results from and create your targeting campaign. Add your Video Ad, Your YouTube video and then select the audience you want to target. Export then import into YouTube to active your new ad.

We will change the way you do Ad Campaign targeting and generate leads over YouTube FOREVER!

Take a look at the OYTES features below :

Easy To Use Video & Channel Dashboard

Build up targeted audiences from different keyword combinations which can be exported with 1 click

Powerful Keyword Search Module

OYTES allows you to find keywords searched by users on YouTube, where as doing so manually only provides keywords from Google. Again, providing more targeted search results relative to video advertising.

Quick Effortless Video Search Functionality

Finding video URLs to target is time consuming. Picking out video URLs one by one and building up 100 links can take hours. OYTES allows you to generate a targeted list of videos of any size in a few clicks. These are called Target Groups.

Advanced Click Easy Channel Search

Just like “Video Search”, this module allows you to search channels to target on YouTube. Grab all the video uploads from one channel in one click, or create full channel lists that can be targeted in an ad. Saving time and going the extra mile. These are called Channel Groups.

Advanced Filtering System

Unlike any other targeting software, OYTES has an additional filtering system built in to help narrow down to the most targeted audiences to run ads to.

Smart Ranking Filtering System

Rank your videos by likes, comments, dislikes, like/dislike ratio or channels by the subscribers, views etc, allowing you to find the best videos possible to target within a specific niche.

1 Click ‘Ad Drill’ Campaign Creation & Export System

1 click upload to AdWords. Select a single or multiple target groups from your dashboard and create an ad that can be exported to AdWords in one click.

So get in now on the ground floor of this ahead of it’s time… Video marketing technology