100% Accurately Detected Rankings

It does an unsurpassed work checking your website rankings in major search engines on a national, regional and even city level. Website’s rankings at mobile devices are checked separately.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

As you carry out the keyword research work, make sure that you are only targeting the queries that will actually match what the user is actually looking for. We understand the importance of a reliable keyword suggestion tool and launched the keyword generator tool , quick yet comprehensive.

Backlinks Monitoring

A practising SEO expert knows that backlink analysis and monitoring is crucial to the success of an SEO project of any scale and stage. With our backlink analysis tool you are in control over the major SEO tasks.

Position Tracking

Just add the keywords and selected Search Engines and our tools will do the rest. Track your SERPs changes on a daily – yearly basis, vizualize, via an iOS / Android application, import/export the lists and even create guests links to access the rankings.

Website Audit

Thorough website audit is not only a way to see your website errors at a glance but also to prepare a list of the tasks for the content manager, designer and developer that will prevent your Search Engine rankings from falling a victim of routine technical issues that can be easily fixed.

Marketing Plan

This on-page SEO checklist has many interpretations and forms in Internet, we have made it practice-oriented so that you always know what has been done and what is yet to be implemented. Current Internet Marketing plan contains the SEO tips you may do on your own and more complicated tasks that you would need to set to your developer.

Automation and Speed

Our SEO Tools & Analysis is a fully automated daily monitoring tool for checking positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing with instant access to statistics at any time. Need to re-check your ranking? It offers real-time results at high speed, any time. complicated tasks that you would need to set to your developer.

Advanced Integration Options

With Google Analytics integration you can monitor your website’s search engine rankings side by side with the number of visits, keeping general traffic statistics always at hand!

The Best SEO Helper

Our SEO Tools & Analysis can check keyword positions of your website, its subdomains and its inner pages. It can track your rankings in social networking such as FB, YouTube video and etc.

With Our SEO Tools & Analysis you’ll be equipped to monitor over 200 keyword rankings! For your convenience, a relevance page is displayed for each keyword and you get access to a universal, multifunctional keyword rank-checking service at a reasonable price.

An Indispensable Tool for Strategy Analysis

Our SEO Tools & Analysis versatility allows you to automatically check your Google, Yahoo, Bing positions of your own and your competitors’ websites 7 days a week, and compare the results. Assess the efficiency of your marketing strategies based on objective facts, not guess work.

So, do you want to get #1 rank on google & achieve your SEO's goal ?