Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQ below before you contact us & submit support ticket

What is OIMERS?

OIMERS.COM is All in One Platform that provide the best Tools, Resources & Services for Internet Marketer. Our goal to help internet marketer regarding owning the BEST tool in IM, also help them to SAVE more money. Not only that, we also help Internet marketer to increase their online profit , sales, traffic & leads. We are the only one platform that provide this innovative solution.

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How can OIMERS help me?

OIMERS comes as an all-in-one solution for online business owner and internet marketers in the world. By joining OIMERS membership you will get unlimited benefit , ranging from access to best internet marketing tools, quality internet marketing resources, and digital marketing services that will help jump-start your business.

In general, the benefits that you will get in OIMERS are divided into 3 main advantages:


Imagine, …in a web membership , you not only get one quality internet marketing tool you need, but 10 or even more in just one membership access!. More than that, all the internet marketing tools are the best software in optimizing your marketing and promotion process on the internet. Yes, if a membership website out there only gives access to one or two software you need, not here! In OIMERS you will get more than you think! All aspects of equipment in internet marketing you will get, such as:

– Search engine optimization tools
– Social media optimization tools
– Tools to find customer, leads & prospect
– email marketing tools to send newsletter with professional features
– Tool to spy on your competitors ads in facebook
– Tool to get targeted audience interest on facebook
– Tools forYouTube ads optimization
– Tool to create landing pages
– Tools to optimizing viral news
– Tool to make quality marketing video
– and many more ! we’ll continuesly add ,more tool in the future


Not only IM tools that you will get here, but also, quality internet marketing resources. Yups! the keyword is QUALITY. We at OIMERS 100% carefully select the best resources for you. What we present to you at OIMERS is quality-oriented. As an online business and marketer, you know that you always use the following resources to support your business:


And, the good news, ..we have presented all the resources above in OIMERS. We make it easy for you to start your business & grow it up when you join OIMERS. Can you get all those resources in just one membership ?. we don’t think so, because we are unique. We understand what you need as an online business and marketer. If you have to buy one-by-one resource before, it will not happen again if you join OIMERS


It’s really crazy !, at OIMERS we give more than you think. We know you probably don’t have enough time & effort to do all your internet marketing jobs, so ..let us do the hard work. and you just need to sit back & relax. YES TRUE !, you join OIMERS, and let us do it for you. And here are 3 digital marketing services we will give to you:

a. SEO
Yes, you at OIMERS also get access to our SEO tools, but if you do not want to be confused doing SEO, let us do it for you. We’ll do website optimization, link building, and let us report the results regularly directly to your email each month. More than that, this SEO service is very concerned about quality. We are doing link building for one of your websites consistently as long as you become OIMERS member.

You certainly also need design services for your business. right?. Yes, we are here to give this solution. No need to hire someone else in your design project, just give it to us and we will do our best, WITHOUT additional cost. Our design services include facebook cover design, book cover, logo, banner ads, and others.


Without traffic your website will not generate sales. And here we also provide this solution. We have doing JV with trusted companies in the advertising industry to provide traffic to your website. So, in OIMERS, once you join, we will do the optimization and configuration in our advertising system, and advertise your website within the system. All will suit with your business type, targeted, and traffic coming from genuine human visitors, not robots or fake visitors. And the good news, we guarantee your website will get at least 1000 visits per month!

Wow!, Can you imagine how big the benefits ??

Ofcourse, it more than you can imagine.

Is there a guarantee I will make money, increase revenue, and sales after joining OIMERS?

Actually no one can guarantee your result regarding make money online, increasing revenue & sale in any type of program ,cources or even the software it self, but here we want to be honest & give you the real result that we got. Most of courcses , tools, & service we provide here are the best one & proven system that already applied by our self. So, we know what we are doing, and we want you to get the same result like we did.

Are the internet marketing (IM) tools provided by OIMERS100% original and licensed?

The tools in our PRO membership access are 100% owned by us that we developed by our self for this membership. And all products in our MARKETPLACE are 100% licensed products that we buy the reseller/developer/agency licenses, so it’s 100% legal. We never sell any illegal products,and we guarentee it.

What IM tools will I get if I join OIMERS?

As PRO member, you will get these following tools access:

  • OSEOS – SEO & Analysis Tool
  • OSOCIS – Social Media Management Tool
  • OLEADS – Leads & Prospects Tool
  • OMAILS – Email Marketing Tool
  • OFBS – Facebook Interest Tool
  • OYTS – YouTube Ads Tool
  • More tools will added soon

And some tools in MARKETPACE will also available to you if you qualified (TOS may apply). And more tools available in our system if you LOGIN & have active subscription.

Are there any tutorials or guides using these IM tools?

YES, ofcourse. You can easy find the guide & tutorial for each of the tool on the access page (LOGIN required). Don’t worry, we cover all aspect to make sure you understand how to use it .

Will these IM tools really help my business?

As we know that TOOL/Software is just a computer program to make our work easier & help us to be more productive. But the result really depanding on how serious you implement the best method when run the tool. But here, we want to support you by the hand and don’t want to let you work alone, so we cover all help via our video tutorial to guide you. And we want to say that, YES, we are 99% sure our tool will really help your business.

Will you add more IM tool in the future ?

This’s what make us different . The answer is 100% YES. It’s really cool huh ?!. On OIMERS membership program, you’ll get more & more NEW tools that we’ll add regularly. We have write in our sales page that “As PRO member, not only you’ll get 10 TOOL access, but also more” , which mean ,..NEW tools will available for PRO member in regular time, it could be each month, or each 2 – 3 months, depanding on demand it self. We’ll do our own research to see how high the demand for specific tool niche/category, so when we think there’s NEW tool opportunity, we’ll consider to add it on our PRO TOOL access.

And for MARKETPLACE items, we add it regularly each month. Which mean that, each month, you’ll 100% sure that there’s NEW tool relese at least one (1 ) . You’ll also have chance to submit your request to us, or join the polling survery to vote what new tool you want this month.

What kinds of resources will i get on oimers ?

There’re 4 main Internet Marketing Resources you’ll get on OIMERS:

COURCES – The best IM cources & tutorial that cover all aspect in internet marketing, traffic generation, affiliate marketing etc. It ‘s video tutorial, and some explanation via PDF file  (if any),and you will access it on our web system

PLR & MRR – More than 11.000 High Quality Private Label Right / Master Resell Right product that ready to sell. We always update our PLR collection . Here you’ll able to INSTANLY make money by selling PLR product to your clients. And the best part, all of profit are 100% for you.

HOSTING – More than you can imagine, we here also give you top quality shared HOSTING that support SSD, SSL, & optimized for wordpress. You don’t need any hosting service any more,because we provide it also for you. Our hosting is professional & part of best hosting company. So don’t need to worry, we have you covered.

LEAD MAGNET – So what is lead magnet ??, is’s simply a website /mini site that capture your visitor to become your subscriber, by share a FREE report. So, it’s a web with squaze page, your visitor put their email to get the FREE report. So, by sharing the free report, you get their email, & you build your email list easily.


is the hosting support warez site ?

We’re sorry, we can’t accept warez, porn, or any illegal content/website on our hosting service. Once we found it,we’ll suspend your account. ZERO tolerant

How many domain can i host on your hosting service

You can host UNLIMITED website on our hosting service. But maximum file size on your account should be not more than 5 GB. it also come with UNLIMITED traffic.

Can i get support for website hosting ?

YES, ofcourse. Our team will ready 24/7 days a week to help you regarding any hosting issue. Please open support ticket or contact us on LIVE CHAT

Can i request website migration ? and is it FREE ?

YES, you can request website migration, & it’s FREE for you as our paid member. Just follow the instruction for web migration on your dashboard, open support ticket & our team will help you move to our hosting.

Does the cources & case study really work ?

As we have mentioned on previous FAQ or on the sales page it self, the result really depanding on how serious you follow the instruction & guideline on the tutorial/cources. Here we have tried our best to provide the best resources & cources regarding affiliate marketing, traffic generation, etc..all of the courcses & case study are real & has been implemented by the author. We as OIMERS who provide the cources is only service provider to help you. But, we want you to get same result like the author did, so if you find any problem, you are free to consult with us and we’ll tried our best to help.

How can i use the leads magnet ?

Lead Magnet used to capture your visitor & convert them into subscriber. You’ll use LEAD MAGNET to build your email list. On the Lead Magnet access page, you’ll find DOWNLOAD link, please download it, and than upload it to your server (you can use our hosting service to host your lead magnet).

Than configure the autoresponder integration. And follow all instruction that you can find on the ZIP file. Once done, you can start share the lead magnet URL (you can use it on subdomain/domain), and start send traffic to the leads magnet.

You’ll find that it will capture your visitor to do action & put their email address to get the FREE report. And by doing so, you are building your email list. And make money using email marketing method.

More details will available on your membership dashboard.

What kinds of service will i get on oimers ?

There’re 3 main Digital Marketing Services you’ll get as PRO member on OIMERS

  1. SEO SERVICE – We’ll do off page SEO service (link building) for 1 (one) website you have entered on oimers system (only one website allowed /each pro user account). Than,..every month we’ll send regular report to inform you the process & update. We have joined a trusted company program to do this automatic link building process, You don’t need to worry, we can guarantee it’s 100% white hat, no junk link, and it safe ,it’s 100% follow the right terms of google, safe for panda, pinguin, and any others google algoritm update.
  2. CONTENT SERVICE – We’ll also do unique & quality article curation & creation service for you for 1 month. You’ll get 4 unique & quality written articles upto 500 words in your specific niches & keyword. This articles/content is SEO optimized & unique based on your keyword & requirement. Max 4 articles request in 1 month for each PRO member.
  3. TRAFFIC SERVICE – Here’s we’ll send quality targeted traffic to your website without any additional cost. We guarantee you’ll get min 1000 visitors /mo on ONE website you choose on this program. The traffic it self come from 100% real visitor (no bot /fake traffic) because we use reputable ads company who become our partner on this service.
Can you tell me more details about the quality of SEO service ?

Our SEO SERVICE for you as PRO member is focus on OFF PAGE SEO (link building). We have do partnership with a reputable company to do automatic link building. We can guarantee for the quality is 98% professional & it use WHITE HAT method. NO blackhat link building technique, so it safe for panda, or any google update.

We’ll optimize 1 (ONE) website you own, and you as our client , youonly need to inform us what KEYWORD you want to target. Than, we’ll do all link building optimization . We’ll send you report each month via your email.

How many design can i request on this DESIGN service ?

As PRO member you only allowed to request 1 (one) design project each month. If you need more , additional fee may apply. Please contact us for more info, or you’ll find more details about it on your dashboard.

What kind of traffic will i get on TRAFFIC SERVICE ?

The Traffic quality you will get is from PopUnder ads traffic. We have partnership with reputable ad company to handle this service. Mostly the pop under traffic is good for any kind of websites as long as on your website don’t have POP UP, or any auto script that annoying your visitor.

So, this kind of traffic is really good to build FREE subscribers, and as PRO member we guarantee you’ll get at least 1000 visitors. But please remember, we can’t guarantee the result , because visitor behavior is our of our control on this traffic ads system.

More details about this service available on the sales page or your dashboard .

Can i get discount on OIMERS membership ?

YES, ofcource ! , if you are our previous clients from, or from our others offer (WSO/BSO/BST etc). Feel free to contact us to get special offer.

Do you have any affiliate / JV deal ?

YES, we rae welcome to any of you who want to do JV with us. You can be our affiliate & get instant commision each month. Please visit our JV page for more info

Do you offer refund ?

We offer 14 days REFUND policy for our PRO membership (apply only for first signup not for 2nd payment and so on). And NO REFUND for our $1 trial offer.

Also, for products in marketplace, we only offer refund on specific products, not all of them. The terms / refund policy for each product will available on each of the product page. Mostly 14 days, or NO REFUND once we deliver the access to you.

I just connected my Twitter, LinkedIn account, but only Facebook accounts are visible?

You see facebook on your dashboard because we have made filter and facebook is shown by default. By clicking other social icons you can see your connected social accounts as well.

Contents Fetcher – How many URLs can be added to one Queue?

You can add as many URL as you like.

Contents Fetcher – How many Queues can I add?

You can add 5 queues maximum.

Contents Fetcher – Can I retrieve a Queue after delete removing it?

No you cannot get any data back from the deleted queue.

Contents Fetcher – Can I make a Queue inactive for sometime and resume operation later?

Yes you can simply click on the Pause Queue button and you can resume it whenever you like.

Contents Fetcher – Can I remove a URL from a queue?

Yes, you can remove the URL from the queue.

Contents Fetcher – Can I add a new URL to an existing Queue?

Yes, you can remove the first URL from the queue and add new one. Or you can add second URL.

Contents Fetcher – Can I edit a Queue? How?

Yes, you can all time edit a queue just open your saved queue that you want to edit and edit it.

Contents Fetcher – Why do I need to add a URL to a Queue?

URL help the content fetcher to grab content for your posts according to the queue.

Contents Fetcher – Do I really need to configure Timings in a Queue?

Yes you need to take special care of the timings.

Contents Fetcher – What is a Queue?

Queue is feature to plan your posts with update status and content fetching

What autoresponder services can the software connect to?

Currently, the OSOCIALS app can connect to the following autoresponder services:

  • Aweber
  • Getresponse
  • iContact
  • MailChimp
  • SendReach
  • Infusionsoft
How do I link my Post to an Autoresponder?

The connection to your autoresponder account is now done at the Status Message stage when creating a new post.

You’ll notice an autoresponder link and dropdown in the top right corner. Simply click this link and select your autoresponder, then follow the prompts to connect.

How do I schedule a Post for a future date and time?

If you are posting to a Fan Page, then you have the option to choose to post automatically at a set date and time, as shown below:

Can I use single opt-in in my posts?

You’ll need to check with your autoresponder company to see if this is something they offer.

If single opt-ins are offered by your autoresponder then you’ll be able to do this in your autoresponder list settings.

To see what email autoresponder services are supported by OSOCIALS please view this link:
List of Autoresponders supported by OSOCIALS

How does Autoposting work ?

It is quite simple all you have to do is to pick RSS feed link from the website you like. Put it in the queue or the autoposting configuration. The link will be verified by the system and will start posting according to the plan set by you. Keep In Mind! Your system should be set otherwise autoposting will not work.

Can I add my own post using the HTML code?

No, You cannot add add your own post using HTML Code

Which autoresponders are currently being supported?

Aweber, GetResponse, Contact and MailChimp.

Is there any way to get Email IDs in a CSV file?

Yes, go to your post and click export CSV.

What if I don’t connect an Autoresponder to my Email post or a post with Email gate?

You can share your posts anyways but you can’t be able to set autoresponder to your posts.

How to configure Autoposting on my Instagram Account?

Its too simple, you can select from the dashboard autoposting button as well as you can also select from the instagram profile you see in the OSOCIALS