5 Common Mistakes that Newbie Businessmen Do

Deciding to jump into the business world is not easy. So many risks will you go through before you really are at the peak of success. There are many mistakes that will be done by the beginner businessman when newly pioneered or indeed already plunge into the business world.

These mistakes are not things that make businessmen just give up. In fact this is what can make the experience so that beginner business can learn more and more.

Here are 5 mistakes often made by beginner businessman you need to be aware:

1. Floating Vission & Mission

Having a clear vision and mission will make the businessman more clear in running the business forward. Unfortunately, many are not aware of this so that when the business is running, young business people will be confused themselves.

2. An Ambitious Sense Can Be Successful at a Glance

The ambition to raise the business is good. But being too ambitious to grow the business in no time is not very good. Do not rush to make branch when just opened. Borrowing money here and there will not solve the problem.

Building a business is not the same as selling a product. The sale of the product is short-term. While the business is long term.

3. Bad Financial Management

This is an almost impossible mistake that no beginner businessman does. Considering that business is new, personal and corporate money is mixed up. Yet as little as any incoming business money is still owned by the company.

Also common is not being able to determine the priority of spending money. What was once thought important was no immediate impact to customers or business. For example, too focused on running ads on all social media platforms. Though all segment customers only comes from 1 type of social media only.

4. Less Focus

It’s exciting to have a lot of business. But do not be too sure that you can take care of it all at once. Focus on the one that really wants to be raised.

Or at least one step at a time. One by one things first developed from your business. Return to priority. When trying to develop from many sides, nothing is even finished.

5. Less Approach to Customers

Usually, when business is still quiet or new pioneering we are friendly to the customer. However, when we start flooding orders, customers start to forget one by one. Service is not as it used to be and customers are starting to be considered not special. Though service is one of the keys to be able to grow our business.

Well, IMers, .. now you already know why so many are giving up in the early pioneering business. But if these five points you can master well, sure, definitely slowly the point of success we will reach.

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